Meet Your Host

self portraitHi there!

Hi, I’m Sally and I’m the author of all these blog entries. I’m somewhere in my 40s, have spent only half my life in the USA, and have lived in four different states during that time. I hail originally from Britain; the product of an English man and a Scottish woman who both have an interest in history. I was born in southwest London, but spent the final four of my British years in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve been married for almost half my life, and we were recently rescued by a Great Pyrenees mix called Nadia aka Miss Floof.

Why I’m here!

As far back as I can remember, books have been my life. I was regularly ahead of my peers at school, and my teachers loaned me their books or made suggestions for me. I still love reading. When I travel, I pick up books on where I visit the way other people might collect postcards, spoons, or thimbles, etc. I began writing reviews on books I borrowed from the library around 2010, and then discovered publishers would actually give you books so long as you gave an honest opinion. I began with Christian fiction, jumping at any title that sounded interesting. In time, I narrowed my focus to Christian historical fiction, and then branched out to regular historical fiction and eventually included non-fiction also. I found I loved researching the historical events and locations featured in the books I read.

My other interests!

Author and Dog
Me and Miss Floof

My life isn’t only about books. I love to get out of the house and visit different places. If there’s a historical aspect to them, so much the better. And yes, I’ll pick up a book from an historic location if one is available. I love walking rail trails: I can imagine the trains that ran along the paths I now tread. I enjoy visiting craft breweries and wineries, many of which are housed in old buildings.

My day job, if you can call it that, is being an independent Partner for a fair trade direct sales company called Trades of Hope. We sell handcrafted fashion accessories and home decor from around the world. It’s opened my eyes to the lives of those who make the products we consume. I look at the historical events that changed American production and manufacturing, and can compare them with situations many of the world’s workers face today. Plus, I look at the history of the individual Artisans, and how their lives have been changed because of fair trade.

Fun facts!

  • For years I wanted to be a journalist. I spent time in my local weekly paper’s newsroom during my high school years. My plans changed when I didn’t get the needed school grades to get into a journalism degree program.
  • I’ve not read a single Harry Potter novel, nor seen the movies. I’ve never watched Downton Abbey or Call the Midwife. My British credentials also suffer because I don’t drink tea either.
  • The drinking age in the UK is 18. I started drinking at the age of 19, whereas many of my peers began drinking earlier.
  • I had tonsillitis the weekend of my 18th birthday. I wasn’t going anywhere to celebrate, let alone drinking anything.
  • I was in the USA when I turned 21. I spent the day at a dry wedding!
  • I love sport, particularly cricket, tennis, and both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Penguins. I cannot, however, play any sport to save my life.
  • My husband is a cyclist. I never learned how to ride a bicycle.