I’m Sally and this is my site. On it, you’ll find book reviews, historical site write ups, talk about craft breweries and small wineries, and other tidbits as the mood takes me. You’ll also find posts about my job as a Compassionate Entrepreneur for Trades of Hope.

I’m ably assisted by friends of the four-legged variety.


A black lab with hints of something else. This lovable mutt loves to travel. He provides the male perspective here.


The queen. She’s an easy-natured Havanese but she does have a sense of self-importance as a noseworks champion. She’s not a fan of walking either.


Is the typical middle child of her family. She’s a Havanese who’s smarter than she looks, and she just HAS to know what’s going on. She also enjoys kayaking.


Is the anxiety girl. She’s a ScottiePoo rescue who enjoys one on one time. Her favorite activity is chasing after a frisbee.