Mixing Oil and Beer at the Bradford Brew Station

Bradford Brew Station Interior

The Bradford Brew Station in Bradford, PA, opened in a converted mechanic shop approximately 3 years ago. On its website, it says it’s the first brewery to open in Bradford since 1945. It has 14 rotating taps, and an extensive food menu.

One week ago, my friends and I enjoyed a quiet meal and a couple of flights each. A flight consists of four beers, but there were so many that sounded good we couldn’t narrow it down.

The Beers


  • Blackberry Cobbler Shandy (6.5% ABV/ 22 IBU)

By coincidence, all four of us chose this as our first beer. Described as a “refreshing light blond ale with a blackberry cobbler finish,” this got an immediate WOW from all of us! Instant dessert in your mouth feel. I gave it a rare five out of five, and my friend grabbed a growler to take home.

  • Beaver Fever Double IPA (6.4%/ 104)

“A velvety body IPA with hints of citrus,” I gave this 3.25/5. Nothing to write home about, but it’s possible I was coming down after the previous sample.

  • Yellow Dog Honey Ale (5.8%/ 39)

“Full flavor ale with blends of spices, hops, and honey.” 3.5/5. Apparently, I’d had this before. I was able to taste a slight spiciness to it.

  • Eggnog Stout (5.3%/ 22)

“Milk Stout with hints of vanilla, clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg.” I don’t like eggnog. The only reason I sampled this beer was because it’s a stout. I’m glad I did. It tasted like Christmas in a beer. 4/5

stout beer
  • Banana Foster Stout (9.8%/ 30)

“Dark Milk Stout with bright banana flavor spiked with rum.” Definite banana scent, but the banana taste seemed diminished by the rum. Not that the rum was overpowering, mind. 3.5/5

  • Toasted Marshmellow Overcoat (5.8%/ 22)

Not a typo! This is named after a local band.  “This rich porter has a fantastic toasted marshmallow finish.” I found this was both toasty and sweet. 4.25/5

  • Poor Boy’s Peach Kolsch (5.4%/ 21)

“Light beer with a satisfying peach finish.” Definitely a slight taste of peach, not overwhelming. 3.75/5

  • Winter Wheat (8%/ 12)

“Wheat beer with notes of gingerbread, pomegranate and orange peels.” And my note for this beer was, “Ooh, spice!” 4/5

Final Thoughts

old photograph

The interior of Bradford Brew Station focuses on the area’s oil history. Memorabilia includes oil cans repurposed into overhead lights, oil company signs, and model oil derricks. The beer is good, as is the food, and the oil heritage aspect is attention worthy. Look for the old black and white photograph of the building in a front corner of the large room.

Website: Bradford Brew Station

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