Offline Over The Holiday

Hi everyone

Want to let you all know I’ll be temporarily taking this website down from sometime tomorrow (Saturday 18th December) through January 1st.

Once it returns it should have a fresh new look. Emphasis on the SHOULD, lol. I’ll also have at least one new book review for you.

I’ve been talking about doing an update for a long time. This blog was never meant to be ONLY books. If you follow me on social media such as Instagram, you’ll know I post about more than books. “Bracelets, books, and beer,” is one of my subheadings.

  • Bracelets = my role as a Partner with fair trade company Trades of Hope
  • Books = self-evident
  • Beer = my friends and I try to hit a different brewery at least once a month.

I’ll still have an emphasis on history. Many of the breweries we visit actually have histories of their own. I know of a couple that are housed in former banks, for example! The Artisans with Trades of Hope have histories to share of their lives before they became Artisans. I’ll have more about the places I visit (such as all the Revolutionary War sites I visited one week in June), and the rail trails I hike are – as the name says – former railroad tracks.

I hope you’ll stick with me. Once the site is back up and running, you’ll receive a notification if you’re a subscriber. Otherwise, look for the tweet or the post on social.

Have a wonderful, and peaceful, holiday, and I’ll see you in 2022.


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