Project Refresh

Project Refresh graphicFirst, I want to say thank you to all of you who’ve followed me here, liked a book review, and maybe commented on it as well. My heart has done a happy dance whenever I’ve received a notification for any of those actions. A blog without readers is, well, depressing to say the least. It’s like a social media account without any followers…

But book reviews were never meant to be the only posts on McCombs on Main. It was always supposed to be about a variety of subjects. If it was simply about the books, I would’ve kept my Proverbial Reads blog going. Instead, I had plans to post about travel, history, hiking, and visiting wineries and craft breweries. And I wanted to share what places were dog friendly. I wanted to let you know where Moto, our mutt, had been made welcome. He did, after all, accompany us, almost everywhere.

MotoWe unexpectedly lost Moto in January. From being his usual self and barking at the mail man to crossing the rainbow bridge took six hours. There were no signs, no symptoms, no indication when we woke up that morning that this was his last day with us. As anyone who’s had a dog knows, the pain is indescribable. And I can’t help thinking that, while I told him I loved him everyday, there were still plenty of things we’d never done together and now never will.

Procrastination is a sorry sport. For years, I’d planned on designing my blog around Moto. It wasn’t until October that I created the paw print motif. Now I wish I’d done it earlier, and shared more posts about his activities. Now, the time for that has passed. I’ll do a post about the unconditional love of a dog who was a total Daddy’s boy at some point. But with his passing, and the coming of spring, it’s time to rebrand.

You’ll see a number of changes over the coming weeks, starting with the look of the blog. I want to join my website and my social media accounts in a way that’ll make you know they’re connected. Most of that will be in look and style. Then, I’ll vary up my posts and create some additional pages. You’ll still have book reviews, with the majority of them being on historical subjects. But you’ll get to know more about me: who I am and what I do when I’m not reading. I hope you’ll stick with me.


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