Fair Trade: Gift a Chick with a $42+ Bag

gift a chick graphicNow through April 12th, snag any $42+ bag or wallet and help a family in need by providing a sustainable food source!

I’m inviting you, my readers, to help me help others both here in the USA and overseas.

As some of you may know, I’m a Partner with a company called Trades of Hope. Based in Florida, this Fair Trade business works with artisan groups in over 15 different countries to market their hand-crafted items to Americans. Through our sales, we’re able to provide various gifts of hope to our artisans and others on a regular basis. For example, a new Partner is immediately set on a training path that has the potential to gift fruit trees, chicks, and shoes to families in Africa. Throughout the year, we Partners are also given other opportunities to gift others through our sales, such as diaper kits and menstrual supplies to people in need. Through parties, hostesses and guests can gift safe birthing kits, glasses, ultrasounds, and solar lamps, as well as having access to other incentives such as Trades of Hope products.

Rabia Bag photoCurrently, you can gift a chick to a family in need when you purchase any $42+ bag or wallet. That includes the Black Rabia Bag, which has been one of my go-to bags since it was released. Made of genuine leather, this bag is plenty big enough to hold a LOT of my stuff, including wallet, keys, water bottle, medications, etc. I’ve been able to fit my journaling and coloring Bible in it, along with a study guide, for attending Bible study. You know, back in those days when we weren’t self-isolating, lol. It has two carry handles, but also comes with a strap which I use. Oh yeah, my wallet is the Maya Wallet… another product eligible for gifting a chick.

gift a chick with a bag graphicSo, why chicks? Well, did you know that one hen can provide 200 eggs a year? Edible eggs can be created without the need for a rooster, and provide essential protein for a family. In terms of sustainability, hens can be bred to produce more chicks and that leads to additional income when the extra eggs and/or chicks are sold. We work with a well-known, highly reputable Christian organization to donate these chicks, and they aren’t gifted in isolation. Recipient families are given start-up food, materials for being a coop, vocational training, and marketing skills. Veterinarians teach family members how to build the coop, mix the chicken feed, and also care for the chickens.

$42+ bags and walletsOh yeah, one other thing. When you purchase your $42+ bag or wallet, you’re not only gifting to a family in Africa. You can also help much closer to home. When you order through a specific link, you’ll also be gifting meals through Feeding America. Many are hurting financially in our country right now, because they’ve been laid off due to the Coronavirus situation. Thankfully, organizations such as Feeding America are able to step into the gap, providing meals for those who need them. Plus, if bags aren’t your thing… any purchase through that link will count for Feeding America. I ordered a top through it yesterday.


Order to provide meals through Feeding America

My Trades of Hope Website


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