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Hi everyone

So, the observant among might have noticed there was no new book review today. Honestly? I’ve not yet begun to read the book I had planned to review. It’s hard to focus on new fiction when your brain won’t cooperate. Yep, I’ve been sick for a portion of the past week and taking it easy. Thankfully, I’m back to my usual self and normal service should be resumed.

On a positive note, you’ll want to repoint your browsers. I no longer have a long website address. Yesterday, I updated my subscription and this website’s new address is You should no longer see annoying advertising when you come to visit.

This financial commitment means that I am committed to expanding this website. Right now the activity is all on the blog, and almost every entry on the blog is a book review. My original intention, however, was to focus on a couple of different subjects: history, books, travel, and dog friendly locations. Almost all of these can interconnect on some level: the majority of the books I review, for example, are either historical fiction or about historical events. Many of the places I visit are historical in nature, and/or dog friendly. I’ll also share more about my work in fair trade, because I am also committed to improving the lives of others.

So you’ll see some changes over the coming weeks, but you’ll also continue to see some familiar topics such as the book reviews. I hope you’ll stick with me and enjoy the ride we’re about to take. In the meantime, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, and Merry Christmas.


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