Review: The Rescue, by Tanya Eavenson

Disclaimer: I received an electronic copy of this book through JustRead Publicity Tours. The following review consists of my personal thoughts on this book.

It’s 1886, and young Boston socialite Rosalind is forced into a three year courtship to a man many years older, by her father… who has essentially sold her to cover his debts. Her future husband is a piece of work, but everyone’s too scared of him to say anything. Meanwhile, her best friend has suddenly upped and moved to Texas with his family…

There are lots of questions to be answered in this novel, including the one that asks which man is more despicable: the man who sold his daughter, or the man he gives her to. This was an answer I couldn’t immediately answer as, like Rosalind, I wasn’t sure until the very end which characters to trust. Yes, this is a romance book, but I found it to be incredibly tense as well. I kept waiting for that other shoe to drop, and indeed it did.

The Rescue is the first book in the All Roads Lead to Texas series by Tanya Eavenson. It appears to be self-published, which can often be problematic. My biggest problem is that the ending seemed a bit rushed. I would’ve preferred it to be have been more drawn out and detailed, especially given the tension. But the characters are strongly written, enough to provoke reaction, and the romance is sweetly done.

Product Details:

Publisher: All Roads Publishing

Publication Date: 01 September 2019

Tanya Eavenson’s Website

Available on: Amazon



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