Non-fiction Review: Take Back Your Time, by Morgan Tyree

book coverDisclaimer: I received an electronic copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.

Have you ever found yourself juggling various balls in life and, inevitably, dropping one? Do you feel that there are just too many demands on your time and you don’t know how to divide your day? Me? I’m a direct sales consultant with a fair trade company, a reviewer of books, the owner of a dog that chooses when to ignore me and when to be incredibly needy, and a wife and homeowner. Something had to give, so I eagerly accepted the opportunity to review Take Back Your Time by Morgan Tyree when offered it by the publisher.

The notepad I found that I can adapt to cover the three different time zones

Each chapter contains a task designed to be completed during the coming week. Tyree wants readers to discover the hours they work best, and then to divide their tasks into Green, Yellow, and Red Time Zones. The book contains examples of the schedules she writes about. I found I had a sticky notepad that divided tasks into three categories and adapted that for my use. She also offers ideas as to how to remove the distractions that stop you from focusing on your top priorities (items in the Green Time Zone). Turning off my phone was easy. I had a harder time with the dog. Yesterday, I closed the office door on him. When I opened it, I found him lying on the floor in front of it!

This is not a book to read in one sitting, nor does it provide an instant fix. It’s more of a program to be carried out over a period of time. While I wasn’t able to take all the time required, I was able to make some decisions about my work day – including how to deal with my lovable – yet needy – dog. I also realized I was on track with some of my daily processes. I’d read some of the advice Tyree gives elsewhere, but she brings it all together. This is a Christian book, put out by a Christian publisher. Tyree references different authors, mostly Christian, and also quotes scripture.

The dog who thinks he’s ignored…

Bottom line after reading Take Back Your Time? Tyree’s book is for everyone who longs to be more organized with their day, regardless of what season of life they’re in. I know I need to get organized, and I know that Tyree’s method is doable. After reading her book I was able to make a couple of big decisions about various aspects of my life. I do need to create the habit of listing my tasks – and prioritizing them – on a daily basis. Which means I now need to figure out how to form such a habit and stick with it. Because that isn’t one of my strong points either!

Product Details:

Publisher: Revell (a division of Baker Publishing)

Publication Date: 20 August 2019


Morgan Tyree’s Website


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