A Special Discount for my Followers

Haiti artisan and childYou may have seen my posts about my “day job” as a Compassionate Entrepreneur/Partner with fair trade business, Trades of Hope. Today, Trades of Hope announced that we now partner with artisan groups in SEVENTEEN countries! That means women in SEVENTEEN different countries are now able to provide for their families, and/or escape sexual exploitation through their work with us. In Haiti, women no longer have to give up their babies to orphanages. In Asia, women are able to escape the brothels. In Cambodia, survivors of acid attacks now have back their dignity and pride. In Kenya, women with disabilities now have jobs and can provide for those around them. In Uganda, a refugee now has a leadership position in her community.

coupon code HOPE17To celebrate this number, I’m able to offer you a special three-day discount. When you place an order through my website (click on the graphic to the right) between now and 11:59 CDT on Wednesday, July 17th, enter the coupon code HOPE17. When you take advantage of this special offer, you’re helping the women like the ones I described above. And, the more demand there is for fair trade products, the more people the artisan groups can hire. You can make a huge difference in the lives of others. And, by the way, the artisans aren’t negatively impacted through promotions like this. They’ve already received payment for their work. Instead, the more that gets sold, the more empty space Trades of Hope needs to fill, which means more work for our artisans. It’s a WIN for everyone.

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