Global Spotlight: Virginia from Kenya, and the Trade Bracelet

(This is one in a series about fair trade artisans around the world. They are all employed by groups partnering with Trades of Hope, with which I’m a Compassionate Entrepreneur. The text in these entries are the words of Trades of Hope. If you purchase any Trades of Hope product after clicking a link in this entry, I receive a commission. Please see my World Changer post for more info.)

The Trade Bracelet first made its debut with Trades of Hope in February of 2018, available in limited quantities. The bracelet was so well-loved; we couldn’t be happier to bring it back in our Spring 2019 Catalog line! The group that makes this bracelet help women defy the odds in Kenya.

Virginia is a wife and mother of two. She is one of several artisans who earns a sustainable, dignified income by crafting the Trade Bracelet. Virginia has been skillfully creating products for over 6 years. She is but one part of something larger that also serves and helps her community! You see, the workshop is located in one of the fastest growing and poorest slums in Kenya. The vast majority of the 300,000 residents (living within a mere 4 square miles!) live in extreme poverty, without basic necessities like clean water and sanitation. Crime is rampant as high unemployment plagues the area. Children have been orphaned due to disease and forced to live on the streets.

The group of which she is a part puts a high emphasis on investing in the lives of those around them. They built a community center, focused on outreach programs that provide clean water for their community as well as mentorship, and discipling for the youth. Entire families and communities are engaged and lives are being transformed.

Virginia and her fellow artisans earn an income while receiving education and healthcare for their families – so vital to breaking the cycle of poverty!

The Trade Bracelet measures 6.5” on a stretchy elastic cord and features multicolor glass and brass beads. The trade beads which were historically used as currency in Kenya, but now have been transformed into a vehicle providing empowerment for an entire community!

Priced at $28.00, you can help Kenyan mothers provide food for their families today and hope for tomorrow!

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