Global Spotlight: Meet Aoi from Thailand

(This is one entry in a series about fair trade artisans around the world. They are all employed by groups partnering with Trades of Hope, with which I’m a Compassionate Entrepreneur. The text in these entries are the words of Trades of Hope. If you purchase any Trades of Hope product after clicking a link in this entry, I receive a commission. Please see my World Changer post for more info.)

Aoi from ThailandIn Thailand, women in rural villages lack employment options. They can either do laborious farm work or leave their villages for extended periods of time in order to provide for their families. By working as artisans, mothers are now able to work from home by their families’ sides while earning a livable wage. They no longer must sacrifice time with their children in order to feed and clothe them.

Aoi is one of the artisans who make our Northern Thai Wallet, featured in our Spring 2019 catalog. She grew up in a small village but left to pursue business. In that village, most of the mommas have to leave their children and go to the city for work. Because transportation is so expensive, many of them send money home but never see their children again. Can you imagine being in a village with no mothers? It would be devastating!

Aoi was passionate about her community and wanted to bring mothers back to their children! She has done just that by creating amazing opportunities for moms to work flexible jobs, be paid well, and stay home.

walletAoi says she loves giving a creative opportunity to these women while they are able to be home with their families. Founder Chelsie did an interview with Aoi while visiting her in Thailand. Aoi proudly showed off her office area… She is such an amazing and intelligent businesswoman; her workshop is run immaculately and she had an incredible system to keep everything so well organized!

The Northern Thai Wallet is featured in our Spring 2019 catalog. This beautiful, sturdy wallet is embroidered with an intricate black and white diamond shape pattern. It features eight card slots, two currency dividers, and one zippered pocket. The approximate measurements are 4″ x 7 1/2″ and the materials she uses to make it are a cotton woven lining, polyester, and a nylon zipper. Purchase yours today for $48 and help keep families together in Thailand!

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