Global Spotlight: Meet Nathalie from Haiti

(This is one entry in a series about fair trade artisans around the world. They are all employed by groups partnering with Trades of Hope, with which I’m a Compassionate Entrepreneur. The text in these entries are the words of Trades of Hope. If you purchase any Trades of Hope product after clicking a link in this entry, I receive a commission. Please see my World Changer post for more info.)

Nathalie from HaitiHaiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with 80% of residents living in poverty. Women like Nathalie are overcoming this crisis by earning a sustainable wage as they make beautiful jewelry for Trades of Hope.

As one of eight siblings, Nathalie has lived in Port-au-Prince her whole life. This very motivated young woman takes pride in making beautiful, quality jewelry as an artisan and is thankful to have this steady work for the past 4 years. When she’s not working, she enjoys relaxing, music, bible study, and going to church, as well as trying new foods!

The shop in which Nathalie works enjoys a very family-like environment that provides additional benefits to the artisans: a daily meal, educational classes, healthcare, access to fresh produce, and participation in a savings program where her contributions are matched!

Revival Earrings​The Revival Earrings are one of the products made by Nathalie and her coworkers. Made from upcycled steel oil drums, mixed metal, and ethically-sourced cow horn, these unique drop hoops are the perfect addition to any outfit! The earrings measure approximately 2 ½” and vary in shape and color due to the natural materials used.

Your purchases are breaking the cycle of poverty in Haiti!

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