Speaking of beer… here’s an app

Want to find new beers and breweries?

One app we use whenever we travel is Untappd, which is available for both Apple and Android. I actually use it more than Foursquare when looking for somewhere decent to eat and drink. Chances are, if it’s a craft brewery with a food menu then it’s going to be good.

Go Untappd!

Plus, it gives you the opportunity to check in and rate beers. Not sure if you’ve had that particular Pilsner before? Look it up in Untappd and see. You might decide you want it again, or think no way!

I’m on it at Slm76. Feel free to add me. As of writing, I’d had 911 total beers, out of which 623 were unique. I’ve probably had a lot more beer than that. I just don’t usually check in to repeats. Tonight, for example, I’ll probably have a Tropical Wheat which I’ve had several times already this summer.

Anyway, it’s free to use, you can share your check ins on Twitter and Facebook (I do), and discover craft breweries you never knew existed. I only wish I could see which breweries I’d checked into on the map part of the app. Maybe one day…

Disclaimer: Untappd doesn’t know me as anything other than one of their many, many users. They sure don’t know I was writing this!

About Sally M

I'm all about books, history, rail trails, craft beer and wine, and dogs! I'm a Partner with Trades of Hope: my paid job empowers women around the world out of poverty, helping them raise their families, and rebuild their lives after abuse and human trafficking.
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