Cheers: Why I Love Four Mile Brewing

But seriously – give your dog water, not beer

It’s Thursday. For this family, that means Taco Thursday at Four Mile Brewing in Olean, New York. By family, I mean me, the husband, and Moto. We’ve been going to this local business for a good three to four years, but I don’t remember the last time we sat inside. Probably last winter. This place isn’t just a great place for beer and food. It’s also a place where dogs are made to feel very welcome.

This is Moto’s place. It’s where his “peeps” are. If he spots one of them by the loading dock, he’ll veer towards them. Never mind that his Mummy has gone in another direction to find a table. If he sees Hector or Aaron, well, let’s just say he knows where his priorities are. They make such a fuss over him that Mummy sometimes has to play “bad cop” because she knows he’ll be spoiled rotten.

doesn’t look great, but Moto can’t get enough!

Why? Because this place is so dog friendly that they have water bowls, dog toys, AND *drum roll* homemade dog treats! My understanding is that they’re made from spent beer grains. Moto couldn’t give a flying monkeys about the toys. He’s all about the treats.

Sunday afternoons at 4MB are also Dog Days. Aaron often has something special cooked up that even little Miss “They’re trying to poison me!” Lucy will down without a moment’s thought. It looks like rice, peas, and carrots but I’m not about to sample it.

And yes, the beer is good. I’m partial to the Russian Imperial Stout, and Unfurl the Brown & White (an homage to our college hoops team) but, if those aren’t on tap, I’ll also settle for the Tropical Wheat. Basically, as long as it isn’t an IPA, if I can’t get one of those three, I’ll try it.

Four Mile Brewing is located at 202 E. Greene Street in Olean and is open Thursday through Sunday. Find them on Facebook, Twitter, Insta, and a bunch of other social media sites.

ps: 4MB didn’t pay me for writing this, but goodness knows my friends and I have enjoyed plenty of free samples over the years 😉 And Moto really, really loves them.

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