Two Years Later…

I had a plan. I’d put together a blog that combined nearly all of my interests, including history and travel. I’d make it cute, with a canine slant. My friend’s three small dogs, for whom I dogsat, would have a voice.

And then, Moto came to us. He wasn’t small. And he needed some attention. After all, why was he now at our house after spending so many years with my mother-in-law? We’d be the third owner(s) in his short life. I got as far as writing his brief bio in the About section. And then got sidetracked.

Even though life was getting in the way, I kept thinking about this blog. I took photographs and made notes. I knew what I wanted to do. With every book review I wrote for my previous blog, I’d tell myself that I’d work on this blog.

Then, I finally achieved a goal and was able to work from home. I became a Compassionate Entrepreneur for Trades of Hope, a fair trade direct selling company. I was working from my desk. A lot. And I began thinking about how I could incorporate all these things about fair trade into my some day blog.

One day, I had to change email addresses thanks to an unreliable ISP. That was the day, after going through emails and notifying various people of the change, that I decided enough was enough. It’s time to return to the plan.

I’ve got posts to write and photos to share. I don’t know when I’ll go public and announce it to the world. It needs some refining and there are settings that need updating. But I keep reading lately that if you wait for the perfect time to start then you’ll probably never start.

So, if you’ve found yourself reading this, welcome to McCombs on Main and a world of fun, faith, and fair trade. Oh yeah, and four four-legged friends too



About Sally M

I'm all about books, history, rail trails, craft beer and wine, and dogs! I'm a Partner with Trades of Hope: my paid job empowers women around the world out of poverty, helping them raise their families, and rebuild their lives after abuse and human trafficking.
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